In order to cover a wide spectrum of knowledge required in advance to potential participants, the competition is structured into two broad classes with age and technical skills well differentiated:

  • "Senior" Competitions
    • Autonomous driving
    • RoboCup soccer - Middle-Size League
    • Micro-Rato and Ciber-Rato

Although these competitions are primarily directed to students and researchers from universities and polytechnic institutes, there is no restriction on the origin of the teams. Therefore, teams from all types of teaching institutions, research institutes, enterprises, community, electronics clubs, or persons on behalf of individuals are welcome.

  • "Junior" Competitions
    • RoboCup soccer junior - 2x2, with two age groups: 8-14 and 15-19
    • RoboCup Junior Dance, with two age groups: 8-14 and 15-19
    • RoboCup Rescue Junior, with two age groups: 8-14 and 15-19

These competitions are essentially directed to basic and secondary schools. The admission of teams without institutional basis or coming from non-formative institutions, e.g. companies, is subject to a decision to be issued by the Organizing Committee.