RoboCup soccer - junior


The junior soccer competition, which follows the official RoboCup rules, consists of soccer matches between teams of 2 robots in a field of 122x183cm. These robots have all sensors on board and must fit inside a cylinder with a diameter of 22 cm.

In this competition the tasks of robot self-localization and ball detection were simplified in order to open the competition to young students. Thus, the match runs in a field painted with levels of gray allowing the robot to easily determine its position and orientation. The ball emits infrared radiation which also allows the robots to determine its position through simple means.

This competition qualifies the Portuguese teams to participate in the world RoboCup Junior Soccer.


  • Until 31/12/2007 - Team pre-registration (mandatory)
  • Until 21/01/2008 - Communication of acceptance of the pre-registration
  • From 22/01/2008 to 22/02/2008 - Team registration


Team registration is accomplished by filling a registration form. Registration forms should be sent by mail to the Organization Comittee, up to the registration deadline (22/02/2008). Note that a registration form will only be considered eligible if sent together with the registration fee or with the proof of payment for a valid bank transfer.
Registration forms for enrolling junior teams must be accompanied with a Term of Responsibility signed by the adult member of the team. This document is mandatory.

Forms of payment:

Payments regarding FNR 2008 registrations – either robotic competitions or scientific meeting - can be performed through one of the following methods:

  • International bank check, in euros, endorsed to "Universidade of Aveiro - Festival Nacional de Robótica", and sent along with the registration documents.

  • International bank transfer to the Robotics Portuguese Open, according to the following references:

    Company: Universidade de Aveiro
    Address:   Campo de Santiago
    3810-193 Aveiro
    Account Name: Festival Nacional de Robótica
    Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Aveiro
    IBAN: PT50 0035 0836 0000 1699 6301 4

PLEASE NOTE: If you use international bank transfer, a copy of the transfer proof issued by your bank should be sent along to the Organization address with the registration documents. Only upon the reception of this evidence will the Organization be able to issue a receipt. The Organization will not assume any bank transfer expenses.

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