INFAIMON Cup - RoboCup Soccer, Middle-Size League


The RoboCup Middle-Size league is one of the official RoboCup leagues. In this league the robots have a maximum size of 50cm in diameter and 80cm in height and a maximum weight of 40Kg. The game takes place in two parts of 15 minutes each in a field with 18x12 meters. Some of the elements of the game have well-defined colors: the ground is green, the ball is orange and robots are mostly black.

Each team is composed of a maximum of 6 fully autonomous robots, that is, where all the sensors are aboard the robot and all the decisions are made without any human intervention. In order to allow cooperation between robots, communication between them and between them and an external computer through a wireless network is allowed.

In order to enforce its decisions, the referee, a human, can send commands to the robots via a computer. Examples of referee commands are: kick-off, free-kick, corner kick, goal kick, throw-in, etc.

This league is one that arouses much attention because of its high multidisciplinarity. The development of a team of robots with these dimensions places challenges to the level of mechanics and electronics. The restriction of autonomy also poses challenges to the level of the signal processing, control and artificial intelligence. The scenario of competition is also regularly reviewed in order to provide an adequate challenge to the state of the technology. In particular, the revision of the rules for 2007 increased the size of the field of play significantly, passing it from 12x8meters to 18x12 meters. For 2008 it is expected, among other changes, the elimination of the back part of the goals as well as their colours (previously blue and yellow), making them similar to those used in real soccer, that is, with nets.


  • From 22/01/2008 to 22/02/2008 - Team registration


Team registration is accomplished by filling a registration form (to be made available here on 22nd January). Registration forms should be sent by mail to the Organization Comittee, up to the registration deadline (22/02/2008). Note that a registration form will only be considered eligible if sent together with the registration fee or with the proof of payment for a valid bank transfer.

Forms of payment:

Payments regarding FNR 2008 registrations – either robotic competitions or scientific meeting - can be performed through one of the following methods:

  • International bank check, in euros, endorsed to "Universidade of Aveiro - Festival Nacional de Robótica", and sent along with the registration documents.

  • International bank transfer to the Robotics Portuguese Open, according to the following references:

    Company: Universidade de Aveiro
    Address:   Campo de Santiago
    3810-193 Aveiro
    Account Name: Festival Nacional de Robótica
    Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Aveiro
    IBAN: PT50 0035 0836 0000 1699 6301 4

PLEASE NOTE: If you use international bank transfer, a copy of the transfer proof issued by your bank should be sent along to the Organization address with the registration documents. Only upon the reception of this evidence will the Organization be able to issue a receipt. The Organization will not assume any bank transfer expenses.

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