Competition: Robotica 2009

The Robotica2009 was held at the Instituto Polit\E9cnico de Castelo Branco, from May 6th until May 10th in Castelo Branco, Portugal. The final results of our team were the following:

First Round Robin

    CAMBADA vs. ISocRob 9-0
    CAMBADA vs. ISePorto 3-0
    CAMBADA vs. 5dpo 3-0

Second Round Robin

    CAMBADA vs. ISocRob 22-0
    CAMBADA vs. ISePorto 9-0
    CAMBADA vs. 5dpo 16-0


    CAMBADA vs. ISePorto 3-0


    CAMBADA vs. 5DPO 8-0

Final standings

    1st CAMBADA
    2nd 5DPO
    3th ISePorto

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