Competition: RoboCup 2011

The 15th RoboCup World Championship was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 5th until July 11th.
The results of our team were the following:

First Round Robin

CAMBADA vs. 1.RFC Stuttgart 7-0
CAMBADA vs. ISePorto 8-0
CAMBADA vs. MU Penguins 3-0
CAMBADA vs. ISocRob 17-0
CAMBADA vs. Water 3-6

Second Round Robin

CAMBADA vs. ISePorto 13-0
CAMBADA vs. 5DPO 5-0
CAMBADA vs. TechUnited 2-4

Third Round Robin

CAMBADA vs. Hibikino-Musashi 6-1
CAMBADA vs. TechUnited 2-2


CAMBADA vs. Water 2-7

Third place

CAMBADA vs. 1.RFC Stuttgart 2-1

Final standings

1. Water (China)
2. TechUnited (Netherlands)
3. CAMBADA (Portugal)
4. RFC Stuttgart (Germany)
5. MRL (Iran)
6. HibiKino-Musashi (Japan)
7. Carpe Noctem (Germany)
8. IsePorto (Portugal)
9. 5DPO (Portugal)
10. IsocRob (Portugal)
11. Minho (Portugal)
12. MU Penguins (Australia)

Free-challenge results

  • 1st - CAMBADA (formation in CAMBADA)
  • 2nd - MRL(Arbitrary ball detection during play)
  • 3rd - TechUnited (3D Ball detection with kinect, fish eye camera and laser range finder)

See the official results here

Qualification Materials

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