Competition: RoboCup 2008

The CAMBADA team played a very successful tournament at the RoboCup 2008 World Championship which was held in Suzhou - China from 14 to 20 July 2008. After having successfully played the three round robins, the CAMBADA team won the semi-final against the Germany team CoPS from the University of Stuttgart (European vice-Champions 2008), a very emotive game that ended up with a 4-3.
The final game was played against the Dutch team Tech United, from the Eindhoven University of Technology (European Champions 2008), that ended with a 7-1 for CAMBADA. In this game the team clearly improved its reliability and played one of its best matches (see a video here).
The CAMBADA team won 11 of the 13 games of the tournament, with a total of 73 goals for and only 11 goals against (the best goal average of the competition).
The results of our team were the following:

First Round Robin

CAMBADA vs. CoPS Stuttgart 8-0
CAMBADA vs. NuBot 9-0
CAMBADA vs. SCUT 100Steps 7-0
CAMBADA vs. TKU 11-0

Second Round Robin

CAMBADA vs. TechUnited 2-3
CAMBADA vs. SCUT 100Steps 9-0
CAMBADA vs. Hibikino-Musashi 2-0
CAMBADA vs. Strive 3-0

Third Round Robin

CAMBADA vs. Tribots 1-2


CAMBADA vs. CoPS Stuttgart 4-3


CAMBADA vs. TechUnited 7-1

Final standings

1st CAMBADA (Portugal)
2nd TechUnited (Netherlands)
3th Tribots (Germany)

See the official results here

Qualification Materials

  • Team description paper
  • Team Video
  • List of scientific papers
    • Bernardo Cunha, José Azevedo, Nuno Lau, Luís Almeida (2007), "Obtaining the Inverse Distance Map from a Non-SVP Hyperbolic Catadioptric Robotic Vision System". RoboCup Symposium, Atlanta (USA) July 9-10, 2007.

    • José Luís Azevedo, Manuel Bernardo Cunha, Luís Almeida (2007), "Hierarchical Distributed Architectures for Autonomous Mobile Robots: a Case Study". ETFA2007- 12th IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, pp. 973 - 980, Patras (Grece) September 25-28, 2007.

    • António J. R. Neves, Gustavo Corrente, Armando Pinho (2007), "An omnidirectional vision system for soccer robots". In Progress in Artificial Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4874 pp. 499-507, Springer, 2007.

    • Pedreiras, P., F. Teixeira, N. Ferreira, L. Almeida, A. Pinho, F. Santos (2006), "Enhancing the reactivity of the vision subsystem in autonomous mobile robots using real-time techniques", RoboCup Symposium: Papers and Team Description Papers, RoboCup-2005: Robot Soccer World Cup IX, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer, 2006.

    • Santos, F., L. Almeida, P. Pedreiras, L. Seabra Lopes, T. Facchinetti (2004), "An Adaptive TDMA Protocol for Soft Real-Time Wireless Communication among, Mobile Autonomous Agents", Proc. WACERTS'2004, Int. Workshop on Architecture for Cooperative Embedded Real-Time Systems (in conjunction with RTSS 2004), Lisboa, Portugal.

  • List of results
    • RoboCup World Championship 2007:
      ● Tournament: 5th place.
      ● Technical Challenge 1: 4th place.
      ● Technical Challenge 2: 4th place.

    • Portuguese Robotics Open 2007: 1st place.

    • Portuguese Robotics Open 2006: 3rd place.

    • Portuguese Robotics Open 2005: 4th place.

    • Portuguese Robotics Open 2004: 5th place

  • Contributions to the Community
    • Most of the team members are also members of the Organizing Committee of the Portuguese Robotics Open 2008 (which will be held in Aveiro, 2-6 April 2008,

    • Two team members are also members of the Technical and Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Robotics Open since 2002.

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