8th Portuguese Robotics Open

2 to 6 of April, 2008

Universidade de Aveiro

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The Portuguese Robotics Open, which had its first edition in 2001, aims at promoting science and technology among young people of basic, secondary and higher education as well as the general public, through robots competitions. This event, which takes place every year in a different city, includes also a scientific meeting where researchers in the area of robotics come together to present the latest results of their activity. This event has had since its beginning a tremendous growth, both in number of participants and teams, and also in terms of audience. The Portuguese Robotics Open is, currently, endorsed by the Portuguese Robotics Society.

The 8th edition of the Portuguese Robotics Open will be held at the University of Aveiro, from 2 to 6 of April, 2008, and will be co-organized by the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, the Department Mechanical Engineering and by the Institute of Electronics and Telematics of Aveiro. It is also supported by the Factory of Living Science of Aveiro. It includes various leagues of competition, in particular, the Autonomous Driving competition (held since the first edition of this event), and the ones that follow the RoboCup official rules: soccer Middle-Size league, junior soccer leagues, rescue junior and dance. Integrated in this event, will also be held the 13th edition of the Micro-Rato competition.

By hosting this event in Portugal, it is intended not only to motivate the students who participate in the competitions for a technologically advanced and highly multidisciplinary area, but also make a positive contribution to the development of research in Robotics and Automation and a greater diffusion of Science and Technology in the country.

J.L.Azevedo, Last update 21/May/2008